Shihan Philip Finch born in 1973 and in 1987 at the age of 14 started practicing Karate-do at Maidenhead Shotokai under the guidance of Vincent Strachan. Maidenhead Shotokai was part of the Shotokai Foundation which was set up by Colin Reeve and Billy Haggerty both former students of Mitsusuke Harada of the KDS (Karate-Do Shotokai).


Philip was graded to 1st Dan by Billy Haggerty and Colin Reeve in 1992. Philip continued his study of Shotokai Karate-do over the next few years with Vincent Strachan at Maidenhead Shotokai until Vinnie moved away.

At this time Philip wanted to broaden his martial arts knowledge and so studied briefly, with various Shotokan, Kyokushin, and Aikido clubs over the next few years before returning to Shotokai under the tuition of Colin Reeve at Ascot Shotokai, part of the newly formed Shotokai College founded by Colin Reeve.

 Whilst at Ascot Shotokai Philip became the Club leader for Ascot Shotokai (HQ Shotokai College) from 2000 until– 2005 and held was also appointed as one of the Technical Executives for the Shotokai College. During this time Philip accompanied Colin to various courses both in the UK and overseas to assist as required. During this period of about 10 years Philip trained 5 days a week and attended numerous weekend and week long training sessions, he was awarded his 5th Dan in 2003 and then later in 2008 was awarded the Shotokai College's highest award of Master by Colin Reeve.

Philip then took the decision to set up his own independent Shotokai group together with his wife Lisa in 2009 (UK Shotokaido) based in Wokingham, Berkshire. This group has subsequently grown and now has clubs in Berkshire, Lincoln and Wiltshire. Since the group was founded it has also given its members the opportunity to practice with other styles and groups in an open minded and inclusive environment, and in recent years have been able to train with many other groups and individuals including Zenshin Dojo, The Fujitsu Yutenkai group, and individuals such as Iain Abernethy.  

Philip has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to develop his own practice ideas and thoughts over the past 30 years and to benefit from not only his own training but also to be able to take on influences from other groups and individuals.