At UKS we take the grading of our students very seriously as it is not only a measure for you to know how your learning is progressing but it also gives a bench mark to others in terms of what is expected from them.


With grades comes responsibility and as you progress through the grading system you will become a role model for those that are following you, therefore it is not just about how well you perform a particular technique or kata but also how you conduct yourself as a member of the organisation.


Our grading system consists of 6 intermediate grades as a beginner these are denoted by coloured belts adn run in the following order, 6th Kyu (Red Belt), 5th Kyu (Yellow Belt), 4th Kyu (Orange Belt), 3rd Kyu (Green Belt), 2nd Kyu (Blue Belt), and 1st Kyu (Brown Belt) at which stage you would then progress to 1st Dan (Black Belt)


The time frame between 6th Kyu and 1st Dan varies and is dependant on the effort and amount of time you practice however typically you would expect to achieve your 1st Dan within 4 years of practice.


Once at the level of 1st Dan you are still considered a beginner, but with a knowledge of all the basic skills to enable you to really start exploring the art and gaining a greater understanding of how to apply the skills and techniques effectively and effortlessly.


Progress from now goes from 1st Dan upto 5th Dan and has no fixed time frame however you would expect to be at any one grade for at least 2 years in order to fully grasp and practice all that is required of you.


The grades 1st Dan to 3rd Dan are still heavilly focussed on technical ability and application. Beyond this point it is also nessecary to demonstrate your own understanding and interpretation as well as an ability to pass on your skills to others.