Shotokai, Karate

'Karate-do is a means of exploring the essence of being a human being; we must not degrade it to a mere fighting system.  The true practice of Karate-do should be about both the physical and spiritual aspects of who we are and provide a way for us to understand the relationship between ourselves and others.'

Shigeru Egami "The Heart of Karate-do"

UK Shotokaido, Karate-do .....

clubs offer expert tuition to both adults and children in the art of Karate-do.  Through the practice of karate-do we embark on a journey of self discovery both physically and mentally as we explore our understanding of how we each function as individuals and how we interact with others.


The Karate that we teach is very closely linked to Shotokan however unlike Shotokan which was taught very strictly to the original practice methods set out by Gichin Funkoshi, Shotokai was to be the experimental side of the art exploring what was possible with Karate-Do.


UKS stays true to this today by exploring and experimenting with what we know constantly challenging ourselves and our art to increase our knowledge and understanding whilst staying true to our heritage and origins.


Not only is Shotokai Karate-do a powerful means of self defence, it is also an insight into the world around us, the skills that we learn from our practice can also be easily transferred into all areas of our lives, whether that is controlling irrational fears, remaining calm when under pressure at work or just living a fulfilling and meaningfull life.

UKS clubs offer a variety of opportunities for you to join and start  your journey, you can join us on our regular club nights in Wiltshire, Wokingham, or Lincoln.


All UKS clubs are led by passionate and experienced martial artists, they are as dedicated to exploring, understanding and continuing their own development as they are to passing that knowledge on to others.

Shotokai, Karate

Club Locations

We are an independant karate organisation with clubs located in the UK. All UKS clubs enjoy the freedom to explore all aspects of Shotokai Karate and to be inspired by all martial arts.

Shotokai Karate Kata
Shotokai, Karate


The practice of martial arts is accessible for anyone to take part and enjoy regardless of age or physical ability this is particularly true of Shotokai Karate and we encourage people from all walks of life and all ages to give it a try.

News & Events

February 2nd 2019

One day course & grading (Wiltshire) - Wiltshire Shotokai will be hosting a one day course - Details TBC

May 11th - 12th 2019

Spring Camp (TBC) - UKS will be hosting a two day course - Details TBC

June 28th - 30th 2019

Zenshin Dojo Summer Camp - The practices will be led by Nakano sensei the Yutenkai group from Japan

August 24th 2019

One day course & grading (Lincoln) - Lincoln Shotokai will be hosting a one day course - Details TBC